Transnational meeting in Zagreb

The meeting was held on the 21. and the 22. of October at the Hrvatska komora medicinskih sestara (eng. Croatian Nursing Council and later in text: CNC) in Zagreb. The first day of the meeting was open to the representatives of target group as well as the relevant stakeholders.

Results of the IO1 were presented in the form of final repost which consisted of Situation analysis, important desk research results, field research results. The research identified the possible training units/ modules which will be used during IO2 as part of traning material preparation.
Based on the results of the IO1 there were final conclusions between the partners regrading the soft skills and the basic skills that should be addressed in our project as well as arguments regarding the training mode.

Day two of the Transnational project meeting started with the presentation and the division of tasks for IO2. In the presentation and in the later discussion between partners there was a clear definition of the goals in the project and that is the design of two VET Curricula and horizontal data protection training for DPO's and employees in Healthcare sector. The IO2. will produce the Joint VET Curriculum and the Awareness Raising Curriculum.

After the presentation of the IO2. the partners revised the Communication strategy and the Project Management Handbook as well as the other project documentation. The second part of day two was an open table for all the participants in order that every aspect of the project is defined by the partners