Transnational meeting in Belgium

The 2nd transnational meeting of the SecureHealth project lasted two days and was held in Brussels and hosted by CREOBIS at the offices of the EVBB. The participants that could not travel to Belgium joined the meeting remotely via Zoom.

The meeting started with a brief overview of performed actions during I01 & IO2 activities and a more detailed discussion regarding training material for modules:

  • Joint VET Curriculum
  • Awareness-raising curriculum

Training material will be published through the online learning toolbox, which was the next topic on the meeting agenda to define requirements and needs that need to be met for the toolbox to offer desired effect and functionality. A live demonstration of good practices was prepared to determine and set up the final toolbox module effectively.

The next major topic on the meeting agenda was the IO3 agenda and its activities with major topics video material preparation, localisation and country-specific adjustment of training material, online platform testing and deadlines.

Part of IO3 activities are training and practical implementation of knowledge dissemination of prepared materials to participants. As one of the project's major activities, the partners discussed its options for best implementation. The final agenda of the meeting was communication strategy, where partners discussed and searched for solutions regarding participant enrollment and project life after its official end date.