GenePlanet is a leading European provider of innovative healthcare and lifestyle solutions based on preventive genetic testing. We specialise in preventive genetic tests that are intended for the end-user, but we also offer clinical genetic tests which help doctors with their therapeutic procedures. It was founded in 2008 and in 2009 we received the Best Start-up Award and Golden Innovation Award, 2011 launched Nutrifit – innovation of the year by public choice. In 2013 we introduced a non-invasive prenatal screening test. In 2018 GenePlanet received the award “Exporter of the Year 2018” by SPIRIT Slovenia, one day after we received the title of the Best Biotech Startup in Central and Eastern Europe, by The Global Startup Awards – the world’s biggest independent startup ecosystem. In 2019 we have established Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) Centre in Zagreb, Croatia and will be a central hub for DNA samples from 30 different countries. It represents the biggest private investment into NGS testing in the region and is a new chapter in terms of science and development.

We are present in more than 35 Countries worldwide (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Austria, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Izrael, United Arab Emirates,…) and ranked among 1000 fastest growing European companies. The company will expand to Africa and Asia - a hub in Singapore is planned for 2019. GenePlanet employs about 43 people, mostly from the fields of biotechnology, pharmacology, medicine, biochemistry, nutritional sciences and information technologies. Our tests are custom and proprietary DNA panels developed by our R&D department, which ensures the highest quality of the results. The interpretation of DNA data is based on GenePlanet’s proprietary algorithms and programming environment that analyses and evaluates data from thousands of scientific studies.


Croatian Nursing Council (CNC) was founded, in accordance with Croatian Health Act and Nursing Act (adopted by Croatian Parliament 2003, with amendments in 2008 and 2011), on September 17, 2003. Croatian Nursing Council is the regulatory body/competent authority for the nursing profession in the Republic of Croatia. CNC will be included in all the I.O. and dissemination activities.

The Council holds the following public authorities:

  • Maintains a register of qualified nurses;
  • issues, renews and withdraws licenses;
  • Conducts professional supervision.

Besides public authorities, Croatian Nursing Council performs following activities:

  • setting the standards, content, terms and procedure of continuous education and verification of the competence of nurses,
  • ensuring that nurses conduct according to Code of Ethics,
  • setting up professional standards,
  • Recognition of professional qualifications.

These goals are also transmitted via European institutions for policy making such as ENC and CEPLIS.

The main goal of Croatian Nursing Council is to protect the public by ensuring qualitative, responsible and ethical nursing care. The CNC also supervise and maintain credits related to Lifelong learning for the nurses’ activities on national level.

The HKMS has 15 employees and wide range of external experts included in various committees, working and advisory groups, representing nurses from all sectors they are employed in (e.g. hospital nurses’ committee, primary care nurses’ committee, ethical committee, continuous education committee etc.).


ITML provides a novel, tailor-made software solutions based on a variety of technologies, such as big data analytics, advanced data mining and machine learning. ITML solutions cover a very wide range of applications, including e-shops, e-learning, Business Process Management (BPM), or any other customized application. ITML will be included in all the I.O. and dissemination activities, although the main contribution of ITML is the design of an inspiring Peer mentoring toolbox for the support of healthcare sector peer mentors.

ITML particularly delivers solutions through:

(a) bilateral projects with private industry,

(b) Public-Private Partnerships (PPP),

(c) EU and beyond-EU funded projects, and nationally funded projects.

It has active participation in numerous H2020 projects as a technology provider and system integrator in the fields of:

  • Tailor-made cybersecurity services
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning-based Big Data Analytics
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Production Digitisation
  • Energy efficient smart city applications

The primary competence of ITML relies on the design and development of software prototypes based on technologies that include machine learning algorithms, advanced data mining techniques, data aggregation and data analytics in IoT systems, as well as visualisation tools; all of which are applied in different operational domains, such as energy, logistics, health, education, maritime, and security.

ITML comprises numerously selected, internationally recognized and multi-experienced electrical and computer engineers, who have been conducting research, at worldwide level, for several years in areas related to the design, management and performance evaluation of high-speed telecommunication networks and services, security and transportation, energy efficiency, service-oriented architectures, business process management, e-government, e-commerce applications, and software engineering. Moreover, ITML has a team of technical project managers and software engineers who are experts in the software development process and in the validation of the scientific results produced in the context of R&I.

Metropolitan College (AMC) is a constitutive member of the AKMI Educational Organization, since 1982 and is the largest private postsecondary educational group in Greece (more than 14.000 students nationwide). It is also the largest UK TNE provider in Greece. All courses are specially designed to meet the demands of modern students and to facilitate their entry into the Greek and the international job market. AMC is accredited by the British Accreditation Council an independent institution offering higher education, and all academic degrees are recognized by NARIC. AMC is established as an institution of educational excellence.

AMC has 4 campuses in Marousi, Piraeus port, Downtown Athens and in the city centre of Thessaloniki. Its infrastructure includes state-of-the-art facilities and specialized laboratories for each programme, lecture theatres of 200 seats and numerous lecture rooms, equipped with the most modern a/v equipment.

All academic courses of Metropolitan College are offered in collaboration with distinguished public UK Universities. All undergraduate and postgraduate courses are validated and approved by the collaborating UK universities and are the best theoretical and practical basis for our students, in order for them to be able to evolve both professionally and personally, to succeed in their professional career or to continue their studies in Greece or abroad.

AMC has 8 Academic Faculties offering a large number of degrees (Bsc & Msc). In detail:

·       Faculty of Business and Economics

·       Faculty of Computing

·       Faculty of Shipping and Maritime Studies

·       Faculty of Tourism

·       Faculty of Human Sciences

·       Faculty of Health Sciences

·       Faculty of Culture & Communication

·       Faculty of Architecture, Engineering & the Built Environment Metropolitan College offers the opportunity to study at the worldwide recognized University of London International Programmes.


CREOBIS organizes conferences and tailor-made training courses in Belgium and Luxembourg on judicial, financial, economic, technological, and healthcare trending topics. CREOBIS will be included in all the I.O. and dissemination activities.

Our experience and indepth knowledge gives us the possibility to discern major topics of interest within the above mentioned sectors. The starting point for our conferences can be EU or national legislation, like for example GDPR. We break it down to analyse the legal, strategic, and practical aspects to provide our participants with the knowledge, insights and tools to be able tackle the challenges posed by these new regulatory demands. This ensures our audiences a 360° view on the topic. At the same time, conferences provide an excellent platform to exchange experiences, questions, knowledge and insights with fellow peers, experts and regulators. Our training sessions can be considered as spin offs of our conferences and provide a “deep dive” into specific topics. In the case of GDPR these trainings can be on DPIA, Privacy by Design and Methodology for GDPR implementation. Besides the founder and director of CREOBIS, Virginie Depréay, the workforce is freelance, with one full time and one part-time freelance worker. CREOBIS works with a wide network of speakers and trainers for its conferences and trainings.


IASO is the leading Maternity Clinic in Greece and one of the most modern in Europe, with more than 9000 childbirths, thousands of OBGYN operations, millions of diagnostic tests per year. Established in 1996, It is a state-of-the-art Gynecological Center working consciously on women’s health. IASO is a I.O. 1 leader, where a current gap analysis and identification of an Occupational Profile for DPOs in Healthcare Sector will be conducted. IASO will also participate in the dissemination activities.

It represents one of the biggest Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in Europe, with four sections and 80 beds with modern infrastructure. IASO is staffed by experienced, world-renowned clinicians and highly trained nursing staff • Infrastructure is set up of cutting-edge medical devices. In 2016, the Assisted Reproduction Unit – In vitro Fertilization (ARU-IVF) was renovated and set up a new embryology laboratory accredited as per the lab safety and best lab practices ( The hospital is accredited en iso 9001/2008, TEMOS and won several international awards, such as best hospitals worldwide ( The hospital comprises 486-bed capacity including not only IASO and IASO Children’s Hospital but also the Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU), the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) beds, 4 fully equipped Operating Rooms and 6 Endoscopy Rooms. Great emphasis is placed in continuing medical education, public awareness and the promotion and support of Breastfeeding, following the “Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” as these are set by WHO and UNICEF. Since May 2018, best GDPR practices application is one of the major goals of the hospital for the next years. Concerted efforts of the DPO as well as of the personnel are dedicated in this issue via several activities: depicting situation-circumstances , designing, following up and implementing GDPR rules and best practices.


BK-con entails broad experience in EU funded projects, at a development and implementation level. Being founded in 1994, we have over 30 years of expertise in transnational projects having participated in the design and implementation of a total project value that exceeds the budget of 4 billion Euros.

We operate in a multicultural environment, speaking more than 6 languages, offering expertise in various fields including Education, Employment Policies and Social Inclusion. Our broad network of partnering organizations and experts exceeds Germany and covers the EU while we are also present overseas (i.e. Asia). We provide a wide bouquet of services, facilitating capacity building and quality assurance. Our intention is to use our experience to provide added value for organizations and partners at local, regional, national and transnational level, creating added value for our societies, in a sustainable manner.